I want to meet this “Bigger person”

22 Oct

Whenever I hear someone starting a story or phase with “I’m gonna be the bigger person” I wanna be like, really? what does that mean?

For example, I don’t think that admitting when you were wrong about something or taking the blame for something you know you should is being the “bigger person”… admitting you were wrong about something is simply being an ADULT and owning up to your mistakes… The end!

Whenever there is an issue or conflict someone always says something like… “you know what just be the BIGGER person, and IGNORE it” Umm what? I’m sorry so let me get this straight… Someone lied to me, cheated on me, hurt me or (insert cause of pain here), and your saying that the best course of action is for me to shrug it off, ignore it and say “that’s OK… I’ll be the bigger person?” GET OUT OF MY FACE WITH THAT!!!

Explain to me how fair is it of YOU to expect ME to be the bigger person when someone did me wrong? REALLY? So I’m hurt and upset but instead of fighting back and saying how I feel I’m supposed to do what? Smile and say yes thank you.. more pain please!! No no it’s OK, I’m not gonna say anything cause this girl right here- is being the “Bigger person.” Doesn’t make sense does it? I didn’t think so.

Agree?Disagree? - Leave a comment/reply and let me know!- Thanks for Reading

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