The Ex-Factor

7 Jan

Love!!! It’s a wonderful thing isn’t it?

Hearing the love of your life’s voice! Seeing them smile! Being wrapped up in their embrace and affection! Good times!

So what happens when that love is over? What do you do when or if that love is unrequited? I’ll tell you what you do… Ready? You shed a few tears, drink a few beers or eat a carton of ice cream then you MOVE THE HELL ON WITH YOUR LIFE!! It’s over! They don’t love you anymore or they never did. Yeah it might and will hurt like a bitch but guess what? There is Nothing and I repeat nothing you can do to change their mind!

Now don’t get me wrong… In no way shape or form am I implying that getting rejected, dumped, or having your heart smashed to smithereens is simple to get over… Because it’s not!

Trust me I’ve been there… I’ve cried… I’ve bitched… I’ve had pity parties for one! But then just like everything else Pity parties must come to an end. And you have to man or woman up and realize when it’s time to accept defeat in the situation and look elsewhere!

But then something happens! You run into your ex! They look different- Better then you remember! They sound different-Smarter then you recall! And you just so happen to know that you are working it and just like that they or you are rethinking things. Breaking up was a mistake! You didn’t mean the things you said. If only you had one more chance to show them just what they’re missing then all would be right with the world again right? Wrong! Negative! Absolutely not!

Think back to WHY it didn’t work out in the first place! If it was a dealbreaker then, have you changed so much in the past weeks or months (I will not acknowledge years because if the break up was that long ago and your still hung up on them then there is some serious issues going on there) that it won’t be a deal breaker now? I didn’t think so!

So do you and all your friends and family that had to suffer through your emo or crazy phase after said break up or rejection a favor and don’t get caught up in the Ex-Factor!

There is someone amazing out there for all of us… But how are you going to see them if you’re too busy looking back to an ex? Too busy trying to fix something that’s broken beyond repair?

Think about that!

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