What’s a BYGONE Anyway?

28 Mar

I realized very recently that, though it’s a nice thing to say in theory, every time I’ve ever told someone “It’s all in the past” or “It’s water under the bridge” (a saying that I never really thought made sense in the first place)I was essentially being a big fat liar, liar pants on fire. {Hangs head a shame}

I say this only because I’ve learned that the past rarely ever stays there and the whole water under the bridge thing doesn’t work out either; if you’ve ever driven over or seen a bridge you see that indeed the water around and underneath it is still there and hasn’t evaporated and gone away. (That’s essentially what they’re implying with the saying right? See why I don’t think it makes much sense?)

I mean don’t get me wrong. I do indeed believe that everyone deserves a second chance. (Those who have committed unspeakable crimes, as well as my cousin who ate the last cupcake the other night after I specifically called it, not included. He’s dead to me.)

At the same time doesn’t the famous quote go something like “The best way to predict future behavior is by looking at someone’s past behavior?” Or wait is it “Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior?” Whatever…

The point is- should we really let bygones be bygones? BygonesOr  dictate what people are going to do with what they’ve already done?

In some cases I vote with a resounding HELL YES. For example, I really wish my Credit history and subsequent credit report should be wiped clean. Therefore that credit card I didn’t pay off from my college days wouldn’t be affecting me as much now. (I will neither confirm nor deny that there is in fact more then one credit card from my college days that got used and not paid off).

In other cases I will shout a big fat HELL NO!STOP THE PRESSES and GET THE F’ OUTTA HERE WITH THAT! Because though we say it with the kindest of hearts- sometimes in a way to encourage a loved one whose made a colossal mistake to move forward, or let someone whose hurt us know that they are forgiving- One bad apple spoils the bunch at times and easily forgiving someone’s past with NO repercussions tends to give way too much power to those who are habitual fucks up.

What do you think? Does EVERYONE deserve a clean slate? Or should they forever be accountable for something they’ve done.

Agree?Disagree? - Leave a comment/reply and let me know!- Thanks for Reading

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