Sadly… I can’t Wiggle my Ears

1 Apr

Nothing grates on my nerves more then when some one tells me I can’t do something. Grrr! It’s the easiest way to see proverbial fumes coming out of my ears.

OK fine- I’m woman enough to admit that it might even cause a few tears if I’m having a particular sensitive day. There you happy!?

Anyway… the point is I don’t like being told I’m not capable of doing something.

Flashback to that annoying kid/guy/girl in your class from elementary/high school/college who would always have a fun fact (that you swore they made up) or a simple little task that he/she  read somewhere that NO ONE can do. That’s where I would scoff all indignant. No one you say? Challenge accepted!

Yeah that was me.

I swear in a former life I was one of those kids who only wanted to touch the hot stove because you told me not to. (Not this life though ‘cause I’m STILL kinda scared of my mom -all Five foot nothing of her- but don’t judge me… She has a b*tch brow that can rival anyone. I swear.)

So below… I’ve begrudgingly listed some things that seem simple enough (or completely stupid) that even though (through being challenged more then once) I fail to accomplish.

But I try and always fall for it.  Every single time.
Then I fail. Every single time.

Sneeze with your eyes open.

Lick your own Elbow

         Wiggle your ears                                                      Tickle yourself






Touch your chin or nose with the tip of your tongue

Put your fist in your mouth

How many of you actually tried each one? LOL
How many  tried it more then once because you refused to accept defeat?

 Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any images pictured in this blog post*

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