I Can’t Sleep… So I-Blog!

5 Apr

Soooo…. it’s about 3ish in the morning in my neck of the woods and in case you missed it from the title- I can’t sleep. Grrr!!

Not just your average, tossing and turning but can’t get comfortable, type of sleep. No this is turning into full on insomnia at this point. I close my eyes, then a few minutes later when I realize I’m STILL awake- I do the open one eye and stare at the ceiling or look around to see if anyone else notices that I’m up. Never mind the fact that I sleep alone because clearly along with onset insomnia I’m exhibiting signs of insanity… Anyway…

I tried everything that I can think of. Drank tea (had to use the bathroom immediately afterward- fail), Warm milk (Yuck, Super fail), Count sheep (OK that’s a lie, I never do that), turn on the TV (nothing to watch but infomercials which despite my semi-hatred for them, I will discuss this at a later time, is enough to keep me awake and interested thus counteracting my attempting to sleep efforts), so then after thinking ‘well since I’m awake I might as well be doing something productive’ I pulled out a story determined to add to it  (Can I get a HAHAHAHA on that one?- AS IF I can think of a coherent thought right now). Add ridiculousness to the list of side effects of insomnia.

So, after angrily flinging my notebook to the ground, ’cause it’s clearly to blame for my not being able to think up anything but crap at the moment, I’m laying in bed, with my laptop nearby taunting me, and I find myself scolding it as if it were a little child. “No laptop,” I said. True story. “I am NOT going online.”  (I will neither confirm, nor deny that I dramatically turned on my side and covered my head with a blanket to drive my point of refusal home).

Then as I proceeded to turn it on minutes later, I said “OK maybe I’ll play some solitaire or something. But I’m NOT going online.” Then as my fingers proved to have a mind of their own I found myself clicking the little internet icon and I said. “OK FINE! I’ll go online but I will NOT go on WordPress! No sirry! I can resist.” Then before I knew it the site was in front of me and I was browsing through the random thoughts of my fellow bloggers. Sigh… 

That’s when something occurred to me… Something that I didn’t even realize has become a problem until this very moment.

My name is LoLo and I’m addicted to blogs… Yes my friends, it appears that I have become a blogaholic… 

On the upside!— My eyes are finally droopy— I guess I just needed a WordPress fix!  

**First step is admitting you have a problem right? Go ahead… Feel free to admit it to yourselves as well- Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone 😉

One Response to “I Can’t Sleep… So I-Blog!”

  1. twistnpout April 8, 2012 at 3:11 PM #

    Oh yes, I too have become a blogoholic. I love reading other blogs, but mostly I am consumed, obsessed and totally addicted to my blogs. Constantly checking states, rereading posts – I often am hit by a wave of panic after hitting the publish button. “Oh no. I think I misspelled “pop” (which I actually did – I spelled it poop…but didn’t catch the mistake till more than a week later), I forgot to capitalize, did I use proper punctuation… The list goes on. It’s sad and Pathetic. Oh and as if two blogs wasn’t enough to feed my addiction to self depreciation, I started another one. Wow, this is turning into a post on its own.

    Cheers – love your background wallpaper!

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