My BIG F-U to ’16 and Pregnant’

9 Apr

Recently (see earlier today) I commented on a post by blogger ‘The Thirty Year Old me’ titled The 16 year old me was no psychic. It’s a funny take on how we all make these plans when we’re young even though we don’t know diddly squat about real life.

I sent the link of the blog to a friend because, I thought it was a good post, and with it she saw my comment. In my comment I stated something along the lines of when I was 16 the pregnant teens in my school didn’t get a reality show.” {That’s not all I said but that’s what she focused on}.

Now, though I didn’t get any nasty replies about this from other bloggers, I believe her response to me was ‘you were dead wrong for saying that about teen mothers’.

I almost choked on my spit and cried blasphemy!

First of all” I said to her (neck roll and everything) my ‘jab’ had nothing to do with teenage mothers.

That is something I would never do because I’ve had friends and family who were teenage mothers/father’s, as well as  friends and family who were the product of a teenage relationship.

Not to mention that in high school, I WORKED at a ‘childcare center’-for credit towards my classes- where young mothers were required to take parenting classes while working and going to school etc. What’s ironic is, at the time, this option had ppl in town saying that “giving ‘these girls’ a place to go and keeping them near their daughters would influence them.” I didn’t agree with that but whatever.

The point is, though I haven’t lived it, I’ve SEEN the struggle of teenage parenting from MANY angles. So my JAB, as I put it, was towards the actual show NOT the mother’s.

When ’16 and Pregnant’ first came on scene… I DID watch it. What I expected was a documentary informing girls (Who I think grow up way faster now then in my day-and trust me that’s saying a lot) all the pitfalls and struggles that come with being a young mom, in high school, with little to no support. And at first, to me, they did that, as promised.

But then something happened… We started seeing these girls on magazine covers, the tabloids, and talk shows. Then it was ‘leaked’ and confirmed that some were receiving five-six figure salaries.

THAT’S when I was like WTF! This isn’t about being a documentary- This is a full fledged reality TV show!

Say what you want- but certain girls (not all girls but certain girls) are very, VERY impressionable and don’t get the concept that if you have a child-regardless of age- it’s not all shits and giggles all the time. They think, because they see it on TV, that they will become famous. All they have to do is ‘get on the show’ and hopefully they will also be featured on ‘Teen Mom’ and then their life is set.

It won’t be but they don’t get that till it’s too late.

Now this is where I kind of backtrack but not by much. A child is a blessing. Period. And by reminding people of the trials and tribulations, isn’t to imply that just because you’re essentially a child yourself, doesn’t mean you won’t do all you can to be a good mother.

Like I said I’ve had friends and family who’ve been on both sides of the spectrum and with a lot of love, hard work, support and sorry but sometimes just pure luck (that the father and his family and/or your family and friends won’t bail on you) you’re sure to be the best mom you can be.

Things aren’t handed to you no matter what MTV wants you to believe. (Yeah, yeah I know what their claims are- but whatever I’m not buying it- its still about ratings and a paycheck.) At the end of the day everyone is entitled to their own opinions, including me whose opinion is I HATE WHAT THIS SHOW STANDS FOR!

They can spin it all they want but idealizing, glorifying and down right simplifying being actually “16 and pregnant” will NEVER be ok with me.


One Response to “My BIG F-U to ’16 and Pregnant’”

  1. kldunaway April 9, 2012 at 1:01 AM #

    I completely agree!!! I hate what that show stands for as well! Like you said it promotes teen pregnancy! Which I think is wrong because when your a teenager you think you know everything and you don’t know diddly squat about life or being a parent! I actually mentioned that in one of my recent blogs called ” The love, grief and life of a woman.” I am glad someone else feels the same way I do about that show! It is ridiculous and teenage girls are extremely impressionable. Now we have some that are getting pregnant just to get on that show. It is madness!

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