Please Flirt Responsibly!!

11 Apr

Inspired by Post-“Harmless Flirting…. Or Harmful hurting…” By Blogger- Stupid Little Girl 

Ever comment on someone’s post and before you know it your comments start taking a life of their own? That happens to me almost all the time because, I my friends am very longwinded… Anyway -My post today is a continuation of a comment I made in regards to the blog I mentioned above.

It got me thinking about my experiences in the flirting world as well as what makes us consider someone ‘a flirt’.

For starters I need to point out that I feel like the word flirting or flirt can sometimes have such a negative stigma that it makes those of us who consider ourselves natural born flirts cringe.

Take me for instance… I’m a very flirty, playful and overall annoying person. That irritating younger sibling who would hold there pointer finger inches away from your face while chanting “I’m not touching you… I’m not touching you?” Yeah that was me. If I know you’re ticklish and I’m bored? Expect my hands to attack your ribs without notice and if you have long hair and it’s in my face? Forget about it- expect me to find a reason to play with it. Period.  (I am also NOT gender bias with my annoyance just so you know.) Everyone who knows me, expects it, accepts it and dare I say- Loves me for it.

Those who don’t know me? Not so much…

I cannot tell you how many times my ‘flirting’ has gotten me in trouble with the unsuspecting new girlfriend who thinks I’m ‘after’ there man or a random guy who thinks’ I have feelings for him just because I {Insert strange behavior here}

Half the time I don’t even realize what I’m doing and what seems like flirting is really me being bored or awkward as hell!

Now not everyone is like me… Some people know EXACTLY what they are doing. They flirt to get there way. To lead people on. To hurt (see make people jealous) or even to prove a point.  If you do or have done one of these things then I am shaking my fingers or fist at you! Not cool!

However if you’ve flirted to get out of  a speeding ticket- then RESPECT!

Moral of the story? Please flirt responsibly! It’s all fun and games until someone get’s hurt!

Agree?Disagree? - Leave a comment/reply and let me know!- Thanks for Reading

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