If you’re gonna stare- at least wear sunglasses

21 Apr

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but I recently moved to my hometown, aka where I grew up… (It’s relevant to my story trust me.) So yes… I recently moved back, much to my chagrin, to a place I kind of detest, because of circumstances beyond my control.

Growing up in a small town, and coming back, makes it pretty hard not to run into someone I went to school with, (those I liked, loathed, dated, partied with, and maybe even fought are all included) whenever I so much as step out the door.

Now here’s the thing… I don’t know about you, but running into ANYONE I haven’t seen in almost ten years is almost always pretty awkward. And normally starts the same way: with a makeshift staring contest.

You look at them, they look at you, you’re looking at each other- both trying to figure out who, if anyone, should make the first move.

Let me walk you through what happened to me today, as is what normally happens when I cross paths with an old classmate.

Here I am strolling (in my own way) down the grocery aisle when I feel as if someone is staring holes into the back of my head or side of my face. I unintentionally look over and BAM I’m assaulted with a fake smile from a girl, or woman, from high school that I know for a fact I didn’t like. Now, being that we’re older and whatever happened in the halls of the science building years ago is behind us, I have no problem sending a quick wave and small smile. However she doesn’t notice this because she’s too damn busy gawking at what I’m strolling in.

You see when I’m not in the mood or feeling up to displaying my sexy limp, I either have my very beautiful cane with me, or and in this case choose to use one of those electric powered scooters that the larger stores provide. (I will explain why this is in a future post).

I get it, I do. It’s random and maybe a little awkward, as she’s not close enough to me to ask ‘what happened’ or ‘what’s wrong’ but the staring made me bristle! It didn’t make me self conscious, as I’m pretty used to it now, but it was annoying as hell and to be honest pretty damn rude to!

I won’t get much into it because there’s really not much more to tell. As she continued to stare I ‘drove’ away and ignored her the several other times we ended up in the same aisle.

The point is that I shouldn’t be used to ppl staring. It makes the starer seems insensitive and the staree uncomfortable. We were all taught at an early age that It’s rude to stare. Why people seem to forget that wisdom as we get older is beyond me.

This has been a certifiable Rant by yours truly-Lolo

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