Fish Dreams and Other Superstitions

16 May

So my mother had a dream about fish last night (raises eyebrows- don’t look at me like that)

For those who don’t know the meaning behind what a ‘Fish Dream’ means let me explain it to you Lolo style.
“In some cultures when a person, (normally an older woman of the family… In my case it’s ALWAYS my mom) dreams about fish in any form, (be it while they’re minding their own business swimming around or dead and on a food platter) it is believed to mean that someone is pregnant or going to get pregnant VERY soon, or if you’re a guy GET someone pregnant.”

Get it? Good!

Regardless, these type of dreams don’t worry me, why? Because it’s pretty sad how impossible something like that is for me right now.

Like my cousin Mel said “Unless Jesus is coming down to recreate the passion of the christ and I’m the born-again virgin Lolo” it aint happening.

Moving right along!

My mom’s dream… and subsequent sideway glances all morning, got me thinking about other Superstitions/ Folklore what we all believe or have at least heard of.

I couldn’t think of many off the top of my head- so like any other scholar of my caliber I did what we do best. I Googled it.

The internet, being a vast waste dump of knowledge, never disappoints, and so below I’ve decided to share a few of my favorites with you.

By favorites, you know I mean ridiculous that I plan on making snarky comments about right? Great! So let us begin.

1. Some cultures consider a black cat a sign of impending bad luck, while some cultures consider this a sign of impending good luck. *I don’t care what ANYONE says. It’s bad luck! I HATE cats.*

2. In some parts of England, rum is used to wash a baby’s head for good luck. *That’s what I’m talking about! Start them off young *

3.Dropping an umbrella on the floor means that there will be a murder in the house. (Ah yes… Let us blame the umbrella and not the fact that someone might have just snapped. Best defense EVER!)

4.To dream of a lizard is a sign that you have a secret enemy. (What’s a lizard have to do with me and my enemies?)

5.If a friend gives you a knife, you should give him a coin, or your friendship will soon be broken. (Why is my friend buying me a knife? Where do I live exactly?)

6.It is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same match. (If you’re trying to light three cigs at once… your main concern shouldn’t be bad luck… more like the lung cancer you might be getting one day… Just saying)

7. In Hawaii, it is said not to whistle at night. This will call the spirits, ghosts and lost souls to you. (Ah yes of course. ‘Cause we all know spirits, if they exist, WON’T hear you whistling during the day. Makes sense.)

8. When finished eating a boiled egg, push the spoon through the bottom of the empty shell to let the devil out. (This doesn’t surprise me… We ALL KNOW that chickens are the devil after all, No?) O_o

9. If a shoelace comes undone someone is talking about you. (WHERE can I get me a pair of these magical shoes huh?)

10. A woman wearing a belt, that has been blessed by a priest, will have a relatively easy childbirth! (Forget the epidural people! Bring on the belts!)

And a bonus:

If you kick a cat, you may get “Rheumatism”

There is it folks! The mystery of how I got Arthritis!

*(No cats were harmed during the making of this post) *

What are some of the craziest superstitions you’ve ever heard of? Please share!! 

2 Responses to “Fish Dreams and Other Superstitions”

  1. lolosofocused May 18, 2012 at 10:45 AM #

    I think I heard that one to!!! I don’t remember if it had to do with sucking the breath out or the milk or whatever… but yeah we keep cats away from babies in my family to! Lol…

  2. Nicole May 18, 2012 at 12:14 AM #

    Other than #1, I’ve not heard of any of these superstitions! I don’t know what the deal is with cats, because the weirdest myth I’d ever heard is that cats suck the breath out of babies – therefore you should keep cats away from babies.

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