My eyes are lustful Whores

6 Jun

“Forgive me father for I have sinned”

The sin of the day is: Lust!

Right… So lust is one of the sins that I’d be able to write SEVERAL posts on! Why? That’s simple… Lust is defined as intense or unbridled sexual desire, or an intense longing.

And like the title informs you! Whether it be in real life, a photo, or on television/movie…

my  eyes are lustful whores!

 Obviously it’s not JUST me eyes. My brain, my thoughts, my daydreams of Christ Hemsworth! All make me lustful! As does, almost everything I write…  But let me take you back to an actual experience.

This was a few years ago… during a girls trip to Vegas… and well ya know the saying. What happens there stays there. So, I won’t tell you evverrryytthhiinngg… But I will tell you that… these lustful eyes of mine almost got me into some big trouble.

Me and my friends were at a particular club (don’t ask me the name ’cause I don’t remember) walking around, dancing, and having a grand ole’ drunken time! When lust took over, and without warning made my mouth latch on to a stranger, like a Venus fly trap, and didn’t let up!

No I didn’t know his name, and no I couldn’t tell you what the hell he even looks like now… I was drinking and I believe he was in VIP with us. That’s ALL I needed to know! anyway!

How did the lust almost get me in trouble you wonder? Well, let me tell you! I guess I had been… umm ‘busy’ for a little while… and my friends had informed me they were going to the restroom. Leaving me with my prey and my lust induced hazed.

When I came up for air, from Mr. I-don’t-know-his-name… My friends were NO WHERE to be found! It was just me, and a few of his friends sitting around…

Cue epic freak out!!!!

It could have gotten really bad… But I was lucky that Mr. I-don’t-know-his-name ended up being able to calm down the lust on his end, and help me find my friends! Several near panic attacks, a frantic phone call to my cousin (who wasn’t with us and doesn’t even live in the country) and what felt like hours later; my friends and I were reunited! Yay!

But had it not been for the lustful hypnotic spell I was under… I probably wouldn’t have been in the situation in the first place!

Did I learn my lesson you wonder? Not really… just a few weekends ago my lustful haze had me in a predicament with someone I had vowed NEVER to speak to again! Damn you lustful eyes!!!!

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