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Challenge Accepted!! Day 1

15 Jan

While perusing the highlights of twitter on my morning break today–I came across a tweet where a fellow blogger posted a “30 Day Challenge” for herself!!

What did I do?– What any self-respecting annoying person would do: totally inserted myself into her challenge! 🙂

I kid, I kid…

Lala over at “Seasons Change, and so have I” Blog re-tweeted me and instead of asking me to mind my own God damned business, she asked if I planned on doing the challenge with her!

I said, “But of course.”  Or something like that, so here we are! 🙂

30 day list



Day 1: Weird things you do when you’re alone . . .

** Well . . . being that we’re living in the 21st century (or is it 22nd now? Idk–what with the world always ending, I lost track) and all–masturbating is no longer considered weird–at least I don’t think.

So let’s go with a close second.

I talk to myself. Like . . . alot! And out loud.

I mean, I don’t get into full-out arguments with myself, that I can recall, but I’ve been known to partake in some serious discussions with me, myself, and I.

To the point where people who I live with (but mainly my sister) have been prone to come to my room just to ask me, “Who the hell are you talking to?”

It’s actually quite annoying, when I’m interrupted, but I digress.


**Another thing I do??

I Youtube clips of people falling, getting scared, and pranks gone wrong– just to name a few!

I don’t know why, but there’s something just too damn entertaining about it I can’t help myself.

This video is one of my all times faves!


Don’t cry for her, Argentina! She made dollars of this shit. Got to several talk shows when this came out, too! Her feelings won’t be hurt that she’s brought so much joy into people’s hearts this many years later!

I’m sure I can name a ton more . . . but alas, that’ll have to do for now!

Sooo . . . are you up for the challenge?

And what weird shit do YOU do when you’re alone? It’s okay . . . you can tell me *wink*

You can follow Lala  on (Twitter)

and me as well 🙂 Twitter 

She’s alive! ALLLIIVVVVEEE!!!

5 Dec

So guess what I figured out?? Wanna know? It appears as though I have a super power!

One I’m naming: the-ability-to-fall-off-the-face-of-the-planet-without-warning.

It’s a very real power! I swear!

It’s been months since I’ve spoken to you guys—yet I still get you crazy people who follow my blog and hit me up! Wait … I mean that in a good way! Crazy is good in my world so don’t stop! 🙂

So … what have I been up to lately? I shall tell ya! (and if you follow me on twitter ya’ll already know my life) LOL

Job Update: 

So thanks to several posts—once upon a time; such as Phone Sex Operator Lolo—it was made clear I was unemployed and HATING it! Well, the good news is  a few months ago I GOT A JOB!! Yay!! But then I got ‘sick’ again … ya know the Spondyloarthropathy thing, and went to the hospital! Boo!!! But then I went back to work a few days later! Yay! But that didn’t last long and they put me on medical leave! UNPAID!! Double Boo!!

So now I got a doc appt coming up (weeks later ’cause they be booked up yo) to see IF I can be released back to work! The ironic thing of all is this??? I FEEL JUST FINE!

Love life:

I don’t know that I ever dwelled much on this in past posts, but … meh not much to tell anyway! There’s nothing, no-one and yeah! So for a hot second I almost entertained the idea of the online scene! THAT stopped the minute I got hooked to a little show I’d like to call ‘Catfish’– shit’s heartbreaking!! 😦

Other stuff

Sooooo …. not sure how many of ya’ll knew this or ever read the few posts I got to write on ‘So you think you can Act’  —my blog I did for my first acting class. But, yeah so apparently I CAN act a little… so I’ve been told!  A few months ago (and this is really what ended up monopolizing my time) I went to my very first audition EVER! And  … Got it!! Now, don’t go looking for me on the big screens. I got to play 1 of 3 woman for the VAGINA MONOLOGUES at a local theater! The run ended about a week ago and it was seriously one of the best experiences in my life! If you’ve never taken an acting class, or auditioned for something DOO ITT just the experience, the people you meet is insane! And if you DO get it–beating out other, and more ‘experienced’ actors for the role–really can’t tell you how amazing it is!

Soooo … yeah! That’s me and a brief summary of what the past few months have been like for me!! 🙂

What have YOU been up to?? 

Twitter: @lolosofocused

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful ….

29 Jun

Didn’t think I meant it when I said I’d be right back, huh? Well HA! 🙂

OK!!! I would like to thank the Awesomeness that is YYChristian over at The Key’s to attraction blog for nominating me for the “One Lovely Blog” Award! I don’t think I can gush enough about his blog, But I’m gonna attempt it!!

Fella’s! PLEASE for the love of all that is good in the eyes of single women– PLEASE check out his blog! And ladies please show him some love to… He’s trying to help school the men folk, on just about everything on the do’s and don’ts of … well everything! And he does a damn good job at it. *Whispers, “He must double check with the ladies on some things ’cause he’s a little too spot on with some of the advice.”* 😉

Moving right along!

As with Every Award you know what times it is!

So here are the rules!

* Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

* Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.

* Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.

* Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them

Part 1-

7 things about Lolo (I may have already said some of these things before, but *shrugs* that must mean I really want you to know them).

1. I’m the youngest of three … (and the super annoying younger sister).

2. I’ve lived in Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and Haiti

3. I’m in my 20’s <— (That’s all you’re gonna get) lol

4. I’m afraid of the dark! (Things go bump in the night after all)

5. I hate, hate, HATE squirrels. (This I know I’ve said before, but it deserves mention twice. I just don’t understand why the little bastards exist).

6. I’ve seen more cooter than all the men I know combined! (I used to bar tend/waitress at a strip club).

7. The only sport I watch is Soccer.

Bonus: Since I jipped ya with bringing the squirrels up again

8. I played the clarinet for 4 years, but my brother made me quit when I got into high school!

Part 2-


This might seem like a total cop-out … but in all fairness– this go round, I can’t pick! Really I follow so many blogs, and they all have so many things to offer that I won’t be able to decide. (Especially since I’ve been MIA for almost 2 weeks and a lot can change during that time you know).

Instead, I would just like to turn this back over to you guys! Thank you SO much for always providing me with laughs and smiles! From writing advice, to dating advice, to all around randomness … There really are some awesome bloggers on WordPress!!!!! Please check them out, and when you find a hidden gem of a blog that needs some recognition … pass along these awards to let them know how awesome they are and how much you appreciate them! 🙂


You can follow me on Twitter: @lolosofocused

Blogging Failure Award!

29 Jun

OK! … Obviously such an award doesn’t exist … but if it did? Yeah, I would reward it to myself!!! SMH!

I don’t know how you guys put up with me– seriously– but for some reason (despite my random absences– which only happen for about a week or 2 at a time but feel like forever) I always find more likes, followers etc. You guys are awesome and I just wanna kiss you silly!!!

Well, unless you have bad breath …  ’cause that’s just kinda gross ya know??

ANYWAY!!! Thank you for always sticking it out with me!! And I want to give a massive thank you to YYChristian who nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award” which I will post about as soon as we’re done here!!

But just a quick update on me if you’re wondering … Ready?

NOTHING IN MY LIFE HAS CHANGED!! Lmao… Yeah, sorry but it’s still the same ish as before… Still looking for a job and all that jazz.

Oh, wait— that’s a lie… There IS something new!


Now, I’m pretty sure I’ve moaned, whined, and bitched about my useless degree that means little to nothing in the small town I now live in. But as I sit day in and day out sending out Resume’s, harassing people over the phone, writing fanfiction, and wasting away on Facebook… I realized well … why not: Send out resume’s, write fanfiction, harass employer’s over the phone, and accomplish nothing on FB- WHILE getting another degree?

Aren’t I brilliant? Probably not. There’s a good chance I’ll completely regret wasting a dime on going back to school, but sometimes the FEELING that you’re accomplishing something is enough to keep you going… Feel me?

Soooo … how have YOU guys been doing?? 😀

As usual– if you ever need me– you can find me on Twitter @lolosofocused

I Can’t Sleep… So I-Blog!

5 Apr

Soooo…. it’s about 3ish in the morning in my neck of the woods and in case you missed it from the title- I can’t sleep. Grrr!!

Not just your average, tossing and turning but can’t get comfortable, type of sleep. No this is turning into full on insomnia at this point. I close my eyes, then a few minutes later when I realize I’m STILL awake- I do the open one eye and stare at the ceiling or look around to see if anyone else notices that I’m up. Never mind the fact that I sleep alone because clearly along with onset insomnia I’m exhibiting signs of insanity… Anyway…

I tried everything that I can think of. Drank tea (had to use the bathroom immediately afterward- fail), Warm milk (Yuck, Super fail), Count sheep (OK that’s a lie, I never do that), turn on the TV (nothing to watch but infomercials which despite my semi-hatred for them, I will discuss this at a later time, is enough to keep me awake and interested thus counteracting my attempting to sleep efforts), so then after thinking ‘well since I’m awake I might as well be doing something productive’ I pulled out a story determined to add to it  (Can I get a HAHAHAHA on that one?- AS IF I can think of a coherent thought right now). Add ridiculousness to the list of side effects of insomnia.

So, after angrily flinging my notebook to the ground, ’cause it’s clearly to blame for my not being able to think up anything but crap at the moment, I’m laying in bed, with my laptop nearby taunting me, and I find myself scolding it as if it were a little child. “No laptop,” I said. True story. “I am NOT going online.”  (I will neither confirm, nor deny that I dramatically turned on my side and covered my head with a blanket to drive my point of refusal home).

Then as I proceeded to turn it on minutes later, I said “OK maybe I’ll play some solitaire or something. But I’m NOT going online.” Then as my fingers proved to have a mind of their own I found myself clicking the little internet icon and I said. “OK FINE! I’ll go online but I will NOT go on WordPress! No sirry! I can resist.” Then before I knew it the site was in front of me and I was browsing through the random thoughts of my fellow bloggers. Sigh… 

That’s when something occurred to me… Something that I didn’t even realize has become a problem until this very moment.

My name is LoLo and I’m addicted to blogs… Yes my friends, it appears that I have become a blogaholic… 

On the upside!— My eyes are finally droopy— I guess I just needed a WordPress fix!  

**First step is admitting you have a problem right? Go ahead… Feel free to admit it to yourselves as well- Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone 😉

Sadly… I can’t Wiggle my Ears

1 Apr

Nothing grates on my nerves more then when some one tells me I can’t do something. Grrr! It’s the easiest way to see proverbial fumes coming out of my ears.

OK fine- I’m woman enough to admit that it might even cause a few tears if I’m having a particular sensitive day. There you happy!?

Anyway… the point is I don’t like being told I’m not capable of doing something.

Flashback to that annoying kid/guy/girl in your class from elementary/high school/college who would always have a fun fact (that you swore they made up) or a simple little task that he/she  read somewhere that NO ONE can do. That’s where I would scoff all indignant. No one you say? Challenge accepted!

Yeah that was me.

I swear in a former life I was one of those kids who only wanted to touch the hot stove because you told me not to. (Not this life though ‘cause I’m STILL kinda scared of my mom -all Five foot nothing of her- but don’t judge me… She has a b*tch brow that can rival anyone. I swear.)

So below… I’ve begrudgingly listed some things that seem simple enough (or completely stupid) that even though (through being challenged more then once) I fail to accomplish.

But I try and always fall for it.  Every single time.
Then I fail. Every single time.

Sneeze with your eyes open.

Lick your own Elbow

         Wiggle your ears                                                      Tickle yourself






Touch your chin or nose with the tip of your tongue

Put your fist in your mouth

How many of you actually tried each one? LOL
How many  tried it more then once because you refused to accept defeat?

 Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any images pictured in this blog post*

The: “I Hate to Say I told you so” Syndrome…

28 Sep

If you “hate to say I told you so,” then what’s the point of saying it in the first place?

I’ll admit, I am not always the bigger or mature person in any given situation. At times, after giving a warning, or unheeded advice I find myself snickering and saying HA, “I can’t WAIT to say I told you so”, (even though I normally choose not to).  Why do I choose not to?  That’s simple: its cause at the end of the day I don’t have the RIGHT to! What does the “I told you so” or “you should have listened when I told you,” do for you?  What makes people think we HAVE to take their advice just because were “friends.” and what gives us the right to kick people when their down??

Better yet, let’s think back a little bit. Did you really give that piece of advice, or were you just thinking it? Did you really think (at the time) that your friend was making a mistake, or did you realize it after it was too late to say anything about it? If you DID give the advice, when did you give it, was it during a “cry fest” or ‘vent session” or any other time that may have seemed to be the wrong time, to voice your unwanted opinion?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, (or even had to think about it) then my friend you probably didn’t give advice you simply engaged in a conversation that may have allowed the person to vent their frustrations with you (as friends should do). So when ish hits the fan in any given situation, take a long look back and re-evaluate if you really tried to intervene before it was too late. If the result is that you really didn’t do a DAMN THING about it, then please do yourself and your friend a favor and save your I told you so’s and you should have listened’s!

I’m just saying!

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