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Sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

31 Jan

Challenge question of the Day . . . “Your last kiss.”

See–that’s kinda too vague for people whose minds think like mine!

Does this refer to the date, time, and place of my last kiss?

Who the last kiss was with?

What I was thinking during said last kiss? The possibilities are endless! But I’ll tackle it anyway.

So … lemme tell you a story!

I haven’t been kissed in a while. Whispers, “really it’s been MONTHS (see: almost a year) True facts, people! Sad but true!

And it . . . left A LOT to be desired!

I had friends in town visiting, right! And over this particular weekend there was way more alcohol consumed than there was food.

Really, a lot of it is still a blur! And it was my proverbial, “I’m too old for this shit!” moment. I haven’t done that again, and have no desire to, either.

Anyway, on this “weekend” for some reason I was feeling a little good about myself. (You know those times) … I flirted it up, wore cute little outfits. Swam in a pool (or at least pretended to because I don’t know how to swim. DON’T JUDGE ME!) and . . . yeah. It felt like I was young and on Spring Break all over again.

The drinks were a flowing, the guys were a guying, and I (Lolo) felt like I was on top of my game.

Enter guy # 1 *sigh* Yup! I spent almost all day flirting with a downright cutie patutie. He had potential, girls! And really, he was gonna get it!

But then *gasp* enter THE VILLIAN of the story!

Okay, maybe he wasn’t a ‘villain’ per se … but it’s my story!

This guy (ugh) definitely shouldn’t have went there with him again. AT ALL! But he had something over our cutie patutie! Yes, yes–the villain and I  had history!!

I felt more comfortable taking things . . . elsewhere . . . with someone who I’d been, uh . . . elsewhere with before! Catch my drift?

It was terrible! On all fronts and such a big mistake. I never saw cutie patutie again after the weekend… (Though I could if I wanted to because we have mutual friends) and I sure as shit, stayed the hell away from villain afterward.

So . . . yeah, my last kiss—my last TWO kisses, were on the same day!

I should be ashamed of myself.

I’m not. 😀

When was YOUR last kiss?



Guess who’s Bizack!?!

24 Jan

I’m back bitttttccccchhhheeeesss!!! *twirls* and I, of course, mean that as a term of endearment! 🙂

I was “suspended”  for a few days. Well, my blog I mean and it was deactivated… Don’t ask!

But, after chatting back and forth with some lovely WP admins–we worked it out, and now I’m back!

*snort* you might not have noticed, but still I guess knowing the blog is there (even when I don’t blog on the regular) feels better than it being taken away from me, if that makes sense!!! Muah….

I’ll be back with some random thoughts, later!

*does a shimmy*

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful ….

29 Jun

Didn’t think I meant it when I said I’d be right back, huh? Well HA! 🙂

OK!!! I would like to thank the Awesomeness that is YYChristian over at The Key’s to attraction blog for nominating me for the “One Lovely Blog” Award! I don’t think I can gush enough about his blog, But I’m gonna attempt it!!

Fella’s! PLEASE for the love of all that is good in the eyes of single women– PLEASE check out his blog! And ladies please show him some love to… He’s trying to help school the men folk, on just about everything on the do’s and don’ts of … well everything! And he does a damn good job at it. *Whispers, “He must double check with the ladies on some things ’cause he’s a little too spot on with some of the advice.”* 😉

Moving right along!

As with Every Award you know what times it is!

So here are the rules!

* Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

* Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.

* Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.

* Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them

Part 1-

7 things about Lolo (I may have already said some of these things before, but *shrugs* that must mean I really want you to know them).

1. I’m the youngest of three … (and the super annoying younger sister).

2. I’ve lived in Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and Haiti

3. I’m in my 20’s <— (That’s all you’re gonna get) lol

4. I’m afraid of the dark! (Things go bump in the night after all)

5. I hate, hate, HATE squirrels. (This I know I’ve said before, but it deserves mention twice. I just don’t understand why the little bastards exist).

6. I’ve seen more cooter than all the men I know combined! (I used to bar tend/waitress at a strip club).

7. The only sport I watch is Soccer.

Bonus: Since I jipped ya with bringing the squirrels up again

8. I played the clarinet for 4 years, but my brother made me quit when I got into high school!

Part 2-


This might seem like a total cop-out … but in all fairness– this go round, I can’t pick! Really I follow so many blogs, and they all have so many things to offer that I won’t be able to decide. (Especially since I’ve been MIA for almost 2 weeks and a lot can change during that time you know).

Instead, I would just like to turn this back over to you guys! Thank you SO much for always providing me with laughs and smiles! From writing advice, to dating advice, to all around randomness … There really are some awesome bloggers on WordPress!!!!! Please check them out, and when you find a hidden gem of a blog that needs some recognition … pass along these awards to let them know how awesome they are and how much you appreciate them! 🙂


You can follow me on Twitter: @lolosofocused

Blogging Failure Award!

29 Jun

OK! … Obviously such an award doesn’t exist … but if it did? Yeah, I would reward it to myself!!! SMH!

I don’t know how you guys put up with me– seriously– but for some reason (despite my random absences– which only happen for about a week or 2 at a time but feel like forever) I always find more likes, followers etc. You guys are awesome and I just wanna kiss you silly!!!

Well, unless you have bad breath …  ’cause that’s just kinda gross ya know??

ANYWAY!!! Thank you for always sticking it out with me!! And I want to give a massive thank you to YYChristian who nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award” which I will post about as soon as we’re done here!!

But just a quick update on me if you’re wondering … Ready?

NOTHING IN MY LIFE HAS CHANGED!! Lmao… Yeah, sorry but it’s still the same ish as before… Still looking for a job and all that jazz.

Oh, wait— that’s a lie… There IS something new!


Now, I’m pretty sure I’ve moaned, whined, and bitched about my useless degree that means little to nothing in the small town I now live in. But as I sit day in and day out sending out Resume’s, harassing people over the phone, writing fanfiction, and wasting away on Facebook… I realized well … why not: Send out resume’s, write fanfiction, harass employer’s over the phone, and accomplish nothing on FB- WHILE getting another degree?

Aren’t I brilliant? Probably not. There’s a good chance I’ll completely regret wasting a dime on going back to school, but sometimes the FEELING that you’re accomplishing something is enough to keep you going… Feel me?

Soooo … how have YOU guys been doing?? 😀

As usual– if you ever need me– you can find me on Twitter @lolosofocused

I Got a Pocket, Got a Pocket full of SUNSHINE AWARD

30 May


It always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, when I find out people actually read “Ranting on the Lolo” — Thank yoYYChristian for nominating me for the Sunshine Award and always putting a smile on face! 

Please check out his blog: Keys to Attraction:  Your Guide To Seduction And All Things Sexy

Here are the rules for the award:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog. √ Check!
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself. √ Check!
  • Nominate other fabulous bloggers. √ Check!
  • Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated. √ Check! {I linked them}
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you. √ Mutha-effin-CHECK!!!

What is a favorite childhood memory? — Summer movie marathons with my siblings and my cousins. Back when I was able to watch 10 scary movies in a row and still sleep at night! 😛 

What is a real fear you have? Other than the dark – ‘cause I’m really afraid of the dark— my biggest fear lately is never finding true love and all that stuff I read (and write) about!
How would you describe yourself? One word: Awesome 😀

What Countries have you lived in? United States of America, Haiti
What is your style? Errr… If we’re talking about fashion… I just like to match. I don’t think I fall into a particular category.
What is your favorite breakfast food? Cold pizza or left over take out… Means I had a GREAT night! 😉
What are some of your hobbies? Reading, writing, blogging, listening to music, annoying my sister.
If you could tell people anything, what would be the most important thing to say? I would tell people they need to enjoy every moment that they can and don’t sweat the small stuff… Life is too short!
What is one of your passions? Breathing! I love to breathe… ‘cause if I wasn’t breathing, we’d have some serious problems! :-p But seriously, writing. My passion is writing and I’m trying my hardest to get back into like I used to be.
What is the one truth you have learned? I guess going back to #8- I definitely learned the hard way that every second counts. I don’t ever want to be in the position, again, where I can’t do tomorrow, the things I took for granted today.

And here are my 10 nominees:



Online Dating Journal

Just Call me Raegen

Bending God’s Ear



SpudNuts World of the Unusual 

Kate Policani

 Find Gravity

*For my fellow FanFiction peeps*


 I read many wonderful blogs and it was hard choosing just 10… So I did my best to pull a few from each category… From writing, to dating, to overall humor! Check them out! Leave them some love! and Enjoy!!

My Review for ‘Puncture’ by Lisa V. Proulx

29 Apr

Puncture by Lisa V. Proulx

I already know what you’re thinking because, in the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that a part of me, the fantasy genre lover that’s felt slightly inundated with this particular subject as of late, thought the same thing. “Ugh, not another Vampire novel.” Am I right? Well let me tell you, I was so wrong and if you read PUNCTURE you won’t be disappointed and will soon realize that this is indeed not just another Vampire novel.

I can’t speak on the thoughts of men, but as a woman, I can say that the catch line “Every woman knows a man like Victor” captures the pain and struggles and high and lows of not just a supernatural relationship but a relationship in general.

Though I will admit, at the beginning, and at times throughout the story I did have a hard time completely relating to Veronica, the heroine, and also wanting to throttle her for some of her decisions as well as thought process in certain situations. This is in no way a bad thing, however, and should show just how easily vested you become in her character and well being immediately. Not caring whether or not the heroine dies is a bad sign don’t you think? :-p

The way Lisa V. Proulx was able to insert me into Veronica’s mind shows her talent as a writer in demonstrating that age old rule of ‘Show not Tell’.

You see through her eyes the battles that we all, as woman, have faced, have watched someone face or sorry to inform you but WILL face at one point in our life. That proverbial should I or shouldn’t I trust this man or person that for some reason I love with every fiber of my being even though they clearly don’t deserve it.

The moment or moments when you realize that everything you thought you knew was a lie, that you should have headed the warnings of your intuition that so many take for granted; and this person, this man you love is not only a stranger but in Veronica’s situation pure evil.

And that is just what Victor Leatherman is in this story; the wolf in sheep’s’ clothing that plays on the love and desire that Veronica feels for him. And though we know this, and though we feel this, and though we all want Veronica to ‘leave his sorry ass’, the truth that comes out is still shocking.

You should know, and maybe I should have mentioned this before, that to me this is not a love story. No it far surpasses just the love of an undead monster and a semi-naïve mortal. This story is about choices and not just good vs. evil but life or death.

With the introduction of Aidan, I won’t get much into him as to not give away the plot and spoilers, adds on a whole other level of twist and turns as well as the truth about Victors past, that I didn’t expect and often found myself screaming at the screen to “SHUT UP!”  (true story I did that). And the end? Well just read that and find out yourself, then come back and tell me if it moved you while simultaneously ripping your heart out like it did mine.

Heading the warning of author Lisa V. Proulx I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone 17 and under as there are some sex, drug and references to violence but I DO recommend PUNCTURE for anyone looking for a suspenseful and interesting quick read.

Sometimes you might want to scream and shout, I’ll admit, and sometimes you might even teeter back and forth on your feelings of Veronica. But despite that, just like me, at one point you’ll find yourself leaning into the words, absorbing them and again realizing that whether we want to admit it or not “Every woman knows a man like Victor.”

Lisa V. Proulx

More about the Author: Lisa is a self- proclaimed laid back 70’s chick who loves to write horror and grew up watching scary movies. As a kid her favorite show was Dark Shadows. (Taken from Smashwords profile).

If you want to find out more about Lisa, her works, get your own copy of ‘Puncture’ or would just like to contact her; here are some links below.

Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?_encoding=UTF8&search-alias=books&field-author=Lisa%20V.%20Proulx

Barnes&Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s?store=NOOKSTORE&keyword=lisa+v.+proulx

Blog : http://lisavproulx.wordpress.com/

FaceBook Author Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lisa-V-Proulx-Author-Fan-Page/223212131077410

I Can’t Sleep… So I-Blog!

5 Apr

Soooo…. it’s about 3ish in the morning in my neck of the woods and in case you missed it from the title- I can’t sleep. Grrr!!

Not just your average, tossing and turning but can’t get comfortable, type of sleep. No this is turning into full on insomnia at this point. I close my eyes, then a few minutes later when I realize I’m STILL awake- I do the open one eye and stare at the ceiling or look around to see if anyone else notices that I’m up. Never mind the fact that I sleep alone because clearly along with onset insomnia I’m exhibiting signs of insanity… Anyway…

I tried everything that I can think of. Drank tea (had to use the bathroom immediately afterward- fail), Warm milk (Yuck, Super fail), Count sheep (OK that’s a lie, I never do that), turn on the TV (nothing to watch but infomercials which despite my semi-hatred for them, I will discuss this at a later time, is enough to keep me awake and interested thus counteracting my attempting to sleep efforts), so then after thinking ‘well since I’m awake I might as well be doing something productive’ I pulled out a story determined to add to it  (Can I get a HAHAHAHA on that one?- AS IF I can think of a coherent thought right now). Add ridiculousness to the list of side effects of insomnia.

So, after angrily flinging my notebook to the ground, ’cause it’s clearly to blame for my not being able to think up anything but crap at the moment, I’m laying in bed, with my laptop nearby taunting me, and I find myself scolding it as if it were a little child. “No laptop,” I said. True story. “I am NOT going online.”  (I will neither confirm, nor deny that I dramatically turned on my side and covered my head with a blanket to drive my point of refusal home).

Then as I proceeded to turn it on minutes later, I said “OK maybe I’ll play some solitaire or something. But I’m NOT going online.” Then as my fingers proved to have a mind of their own I found myself clicking the little internet icon and I said. “OK FINE! I’ll go online but I will NOT go on WordPress! No sirry! I can resist.” Then before I knew it the site was in front of me and I was browsing through the random thoughts of my fellow bloggers. Sigh… 

That’s when something occurred to me… Something that I didn’t even realize has become a problem until this very moment.

My name is LoLo and I’m addicted to blogs… Yes my friends, it appears that I have become a blogaholic… 

On the upside!— My eyes are finally droopy— I guess I just needed a WordPress fix!  

**First step is admitting you have a problem right? Go ahead… Feel free to admit it to yourselves as well- Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone 😉

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