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be PROUD don’t be IGNORANT

18 Mar

  I want to bring something to light that has been grating on my nerves for as long as I can remember. The, in my mind, UNECCESARY stigma associated with interracial dating.

Recently, I read on www.Bossip.com that rapper ICE-T (if you don’t know him Google him) who happens to married to a white woman, actress and model Coco, was quoted discussing that the reason Black Men marry and date outside their race more often then Black Woman (whether or not that’s true I don’t know) is because men more often appreciate the beauty of a woman despite their race, whereas black woman are the picky ones and are so dead set on ONLY dating black men that, THAT’s the reason their dating supply is so low. That’s not the direct quote but you get the idea.

For starters let’s me get this out of the way. I want to point out that yes I’m a strong black woman but I’m a strong WOMAN first and the ignorance of some comments from readers that followed the article partially shocked and partially disgusted me.

Taking race out of the equation, I don’t think people realize just how much they are degrading and disrespecting ALL races and cultures as well as both genders when they feel the need to point out and make someone feel bad about something as trivial as the tone of someone’s skin color. I mean yes, everyone and I do mean EVERYONE is entitled to their own beliefs but before you start spouting off that opinion to others make sure you aren’t contradicting yourself.

The same people (mostly ‘my people’) who are preaching, advocating and praying for equality are more often then not some of the first to cry blasphemy when a “brotha” or whatever chooses to be with someone of a different race.

Really? So basically that means you want equality but only when that applies to you right? Equality in the boardroom but not in the bedroom? (as a reader pointed out).

You don’t want to be looked at as less then but when someone of another race or culture see’s the beauty in us or more importantly see’s past it, all the sudden they’re selling out? Do you see how that doesn’t make sense? Why not take it a step further and say “not only do I not want you to date outside of your race I also don’t want you to be friends with someone outside of it either”.

To me that’s just another form of segregation. Don’t think so? Read the definition according to the Encarta Dictionary and tell me what the difference is. (Segregation : the practice of keeping ethnic, racial, religious, or gender groups separate.) Doesn’t sound so different now does it?

Everyone has their preferences I get and respect that. So my point is NOT  to make other’s feel bad if they are NOT attracted to another race. It is what it is!

But if YOU want to stick to your own race and culture that’s YOUR prerogative and good for YOU!If you want to be proud, as you should be, then by all means say it loud and be proud.

Just know there’s sometimes a thin line between  pride and self-righteousness as well as ignorance and racism because that’s EXACTLY how you’re being and what you’re promoting when you judge people who fall in love with a person’s heart or their smile rather then the level of melatonin in their skin.

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