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She’s alive! ALLLIIVVVVEEE!!!

5 Dec

So guess what I figured out?? Wanna know? It appears as though I have a super power!

One I’m naming: the-ability-to-fall-off-the-face-of-the-planet-without-warning.

It’s a very real power! I swear!

It’s been months since I’ve spoken to you guys—yet I still get you crazy people who follow my blog and hit me up! Wait … I mean that in a good way! Crazy is good in my world so don’t stop! 🙂

So … what have I been up to lately? I shall tell ya! (and if you follow me on twitter ya’ll already know my life) LOL

Job Update: 

So thanks to several posts—once upon a time; such as Phone Sex Operator Lolo—it was made clear I was unemployed and HATING it! Well, the good news is  a few months ago I GOT A JOB!! Yay!! But then I got ‘sick’ again … ya know the Spondyloarthropathy thing, and went to the hospital! Boo!!! But then I went back to work a few days later! Yay! But that didn’t last long and they put me on medical leave! UNPAID!! Double Boo!!

So now I got a doc appt coming up (weeks later ’cause they be booked up yo) to see IF I can be released back to work! The ironic thing of all is this??? I FEEL JUST FINE!

Love life:

I don’t know that I ever dwelled much on this in past posts, but … meh not much to tell anyway! There’s nothing, no-one and yeah! So for a hot second I almost entertained the idea of the online scene! THAT stopped the minute I got hooked to a little show I’d like to call ‘Catfish’– shit’s heartbreaking!! 😦

Other stuff

Sooooo …. not sure how many of ya’ll knew this or ever read the few posts I got to write on ‘So you think you can Act’  —my blog I did for my first acting class. But, yeah so apparently I CAN act a little… so I’ve been told!  A few months ago (and this is really what ended up monopolizing my time) I went to my very first audition EVER! And  … Got it!! Now, don’t go looking for me on the big screens. I got to play 1 of 3 woman for the VAGINA MONOLOGUES at a local theater! The run ended about a week ago and it was seriously one of the best experiences in my life! If you’ve never taken an acting class, or auditioned for something DOO ITT just the experience, the people you meet is insane! And if you DO get it–beating out other, and more ‘experienced’ actors for the role–really can’t tell you how amazing it is!

Soooo … yeah! That’s me and a brief summary of what the past few months have been like for me!! 🙂

What have YOU been up to?? 

Twitter: @lolosofocused

Lolo: Phone Sex Operator

25 May

Has a ring to it doesn’t it?

OK… So, maybe that was a little bit of false advertisement. I’m not a Phone sex operator or “Phone Actress” as I’ve found they prefer to be called.

How do I know what they prefer to be called you wonder?Why I’ve researched it of course!

Recently—meaning a couple days ago— I was having a conversation with a new friend of mine about my budding unemployment.

As I was discussing my growing frustration and disappointment, about not finding a job…  she said (well IM’ed) to me:

“You should be a phone sex operator!”

I had to pause for a second.

Not because I was offended, or taken off guard, but mostly because I had a “Why the hell haven’t I though of that?” moment.

Now, no little girl grows up saying “I want to be a phone actress” but I venture to guess that little girls don’t often say “I want to be in my late twenties, and back home living with my parents” either. Right? I’m desperate here folks!

But anyway, back to my research.

For starters, other than my trusty pal Google, I had no idea HOW I was going to find out about such jobs. I also had my doubts that these jobs still exist. What with all the free porn sites, and webcam sites and stuff you know? But meh… I still looked it up!

Turns out finding info wasn’t that hard and “Phone actress” jobs are all the rage.

From college students to stay at home moms, there were hundreds to thousands of articles, books, and site dedicated to “How to be successful”—“Things to say/avoid”—“How to make the most money”— “How to still sound sexy while folding your laundry”– Really the list goes on.

There were also a list of sites dedicated to just that. Such as  SexyJobs.com — LipService.net — ChatRecruit.com. —PhoneSex.yuku.com and more.

But alas dear friends, through all the research I found, I realized that I can never be a phone sex operator because I forgot two important things… one I’m really not a dirty talk kind of girl. Now I can read it, and I sure as hell write it in my stories 😉 but that actual saying it *cue awkwardness* but that’s not that most important set back. Still want to know what that is:


Now I’m sure I have… at one point in my life… But I honestly can’t remember the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, and how’s… So there’s a good chance my memory isn’t failing me and that I indeed have never partaking in telecommunication intercourse. <— See what I did there? I tried to show I’m smart AND awkward! Did it work?


I’m DYING to know what you guys think about this ‘profession’… Know anyone who’s been a “Phone actress”… Know a “friend” who’s called, or calls on a regular basis? Ever considered, for yourself giving it a go for some extra income? I need some advice here folks!

Don’t worry—I won’t tell 😉

If You’re Going to Advertise for a job- PICK UP your Phone

15 May

So this is basically a continuation of my post about my EXHAUSTING job search, I first discussed on –You Know Times are Rough when The Porn Shop Doesn’t Call you Back!

Update: I STILL haven’t found a job.

And to be honest… It’s messing with my head at the moment.

I call.

I email.

I all but HARASS and still nothing! Nada! Zilch!

I’m starting to feel like that annoying ex that you just can’t get off your back! Only difference is NO ONE’S gotten any form of pleasure from my encounters.

The porn shop fell off my radar.

The cemetery never called back.

And now the Y is taunting me with constantly posting but NOT answering their phones… Though the Ad clearly request that you “Call for information” and not email poster, blah blah blah.

As you can see… and as I’ve mentioned… I am NOT picky- But I AM about to lose my mind!

Don’t even get me STARTED on how thankful I am that I went to college for what feels like NOTHING but what I’m sure is a shot liver!!!

So seriously… If anyone has any advice or some sort of words of encouragement, this would be the time to share them- Because I’M OVER IT!!!

*This has been a certified Rant from Lolo*

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