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Why Are Women Sexist Toward Women?

12 Feb

Sexism is defined as “Prejudice or discrimination based on sex.” According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary. That is.



With that in mind—I have to admit that— I do have a form of sexism toward women. I say a form because, in my eyes, everything exists on different levels.

My fault is: I hold women to too high of standards when it comes to certain professions.

It’s true.

When I see a woman “breaking the mold” so to speak, making it in a field mostly dominated by men—my need to be able to shout “YOU GO GIRL!” at the top of my lungs, comes with unrealistic expectations, and I can admit that.

For example, when I see women succeed, I cheer! Hard! I dance, and applaud and smile, and say she got one for the team! My support is unwavering and when they fail, it hurts me deeply for them.

Now, the downfall of this is where my ‘sexism’ comes into play. Just because I support it, or you, as a woman—doesn’t mean I personally like you. And like I said, my expectations are high. Even higher than it is for men.

Does that make sense?

For example—there are certain female actresses, singers, authors, dancers, movie producers, athletes … really, you name it, that I can’t stand the sight of their faces or the mention of their names.

I’m human—don’t judge me.

In my eyes they have to come harder, come brighter, write better, and play stronger than the average person. I’m a women after all, and I expect the best from my kind.

So when women expect a chance, expect the kudos, and expect certain opportunities just because they’re a woman—it really want to smack the taste out of their mouths. Affectionately of course  😉

Because I see it’s gotten to the point where a lot of women expect things to be handed to them because they have vagina’s, NOT because they’ve worked for them.

I’m not sure where this sense of entitlement has come from.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to succeed? Quite the opposite, actually, as a woman I need them to succeed.

But am I wrong for not liking them? No.

Am I wrong for not fangirling and fawning over whatever they put out? No. I don’t think so.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is it wrong if I were to say completely withdraw my support for an institution because of a specific woman—just because she’s a woman. You bet your ass it is!

See … I’m not one of the people who expect others to simply fall in line under the guise of camaraderie. (You can save your fake support for someone who has time for the fakery)… You don’t need to like me just because anatomically we’re forced to share the same public bathroom.

And I personally don’t like the idea that I have to support someone, be there for them, or even like their nonsense just because they’re a woman.

No for the women who want equality, they can stand to not be liked just like anyone else.

But for those who feel like withdrawing their support just because this person is a woman … well, I feel sorry for them.

I would really hate for the day when someone doesn’t like you, or support you just because you don’t have a dick.

Shame ain’t it?


You Know Times are Rough when The Porn Shop Doesn’t Call you Back!

2 May

Like many other people out there right now, I’m unemployed. Not just any kind of unemployed either. No- I’m talking about the ‘all pickiness is out the window and despite having gone to college, flipping burgers sounds appealing’ type of unemployed.

Hell, just yesterday I was entertaining the idea of mowing my neighbors’ lawn for a quick buck. Yeah see… NOT picky!

You have to understand. I’ve been working on and off since I was 14… So being out of work for over a year because of my SSNA (read more about that on my post- Me and my arthritis…5 things I learned)… Has been pure torture!

Add to that, me being back home and having to stare at the walls of the room I grew up in AND having to do it broke? Well it’s no surprise that the days I’m feeling homicidal are more often then not.

So when I found out that the local adult video store was hiring I JUMPED at the chance.

1. Because I felt the job would be a no brainer. (It was a clerk position and all I would have to do was ring people up) but also

2. I figured I could probably get some employees discounts on… Well let’s not go there.

The ad said they were hiring, and looking to fill the position immediately and not to call, email etc. but to COME APPLY IN PERSON!

Well this is what I’ve been looking for, I thought to myself. If I can go in and apply, and dazzle them with my sheer awesomeness, I’ll at least get an interview. And well once I get an interview the job is as good as mine! (Cheers for confidence).

This is of course after, not ONE, not TWO but at least THREE lectures, talks with my mother about how she doesn’t like the idea and how I’ll get disrespected and blah blah blah.

I had to bite my tongue AND the inside of my cheeks in an effort not to inform her, that nothing someone could say to me at an adult video and toy store, could beat the things I use to say my damn self or be said to when I worked at a strip club, a few years back. (I was a bartender and a waitress. I’d thank you to keep your minds out of the gutter.) Lol.

Moving right along.

Where was I…? Oh yes, so I go in and apply. I have a lovely chat with the big burly tattooed guy that was there. Played it up, put on my smile on my face (that he actually commented on) and walked out of there with my head held high, at least expecting a call back for an interview!

Then waited.

And waited.

And checked to see what was going on.

And waited some more.

AND NOTHING! NOTHING! No call back, no interview and sure as hell NO JOB! Grrr!! I’m sure my mother felt smugger then shit about that, but whatever.

I mean, I’m not saying I was the PERFECT candidate for the position but would the chance to at least talk it out and wow them with my knowledge (or lack thereof) of vibrators have killed them?

Ah well (shrugs) maybe it was for the best. After all this gives me more time to concentrate on my writing right?

But wish me luck anyway! I’m currently waiting for a call from the local cemetery; true story!

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